The Royal School of Dunkeld

The Royal School of Dunkeld
Love to Learn


We have four houses at the Royal School of Dunkeld.
Our houses are Larch, Birch, Rowan and Oak. Each house has two house captains but this year Rowan has three house captains. Each house has a girl and boy house captain. We collect house points every day to get the house cup at the end of the year.

Here are our House Captains:

Rowan - Matthew, Duncan and Melody

Larch - Brooke and Jamie

Birch - Finn and Joan

Oak - Milly and Tom

As House Captains, we are responsible for being good role models to the rest of the school , we support and encourage our Houses in all that they do  and we aim to be great ambassadors for our school. Here are some quotes from our current House Captains about their experiences in their very important role:

"Being a House Captain makes me very proud to be part of Rowan house and the Royal School of Dunkeld."

"This experience has made me feel more responsible in what I do."

"Being a House Captain gives you an amazing sense of achievement!"

"To be a House Captain is the best feeling ever and if you get it you should feel proud and be on your best behaviour at all times. "

"Some jobs you get as a House Captain are doing the lines at playtime, collecting house points at the end of the week and the most important job is working as a team with your other House Captain."


Our house points are linked to our school values and the Royal School Crown Jewels reward system.  We can earn the following house points:


Topaz house points for respecting each other

Emerald house points for respecting our environment

Diamond house points for showing positive attitudes to learning

Ruby house points for demonstrating good learning

Sapphire house points for celebrating success (within and beyond school)


We also earn House Points when we line up sensibly each day and on Sports day


Our House Points earn us gems and once we have 10 gems we earn the jewel for our Royal School Crown.  (For more information please see the Parents section of the website)