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Parent Partnership Group

~ Welcome to your PPG ~

The Royal School of Dunkeld Parent Partnership Group

(Registered Scottish Charity Number: SC0438670)


Who are we?

We are you! – Parents and carers offering support in a wide variety of ways to benefit the entire school community. It is a dynamic partnership between the school and its families that works very well for both. Whatever you may be able to give in the way of time or skills, you’ll find a way to get involved that matches your interests and availability.  Above all, the PPG is a friendly and informal group, especially welcoming to new members of our community.


What do we do?

We help to plan and deliver school events and projects for educational benefit, parental support, fun and fundraising. These include: Sports Day, discos (Halloween, spring and silent!), ‘Parents for Parents’ evenings (internet safety), Winter Fair, school Santa Day stall, coffee mornings and ‘Talking Teas’.

  • We arrange crèches for Learner Led conference evenings and PPG meetings.
  • We work with the children each year to design the school calendar.
  • We strive to ensure that support services, such as Safe Start, are offered and promoted at our school.


What else?

  • We represent the views of all parents and carers on the education provided by the school and on any other matters concerning pupils’ learning and welfare.
  • We seek to work with the Head Teacher to guarantee that any individual’s concerns are aired and addressed whenever they may arise. 
  • We support the Head Teacher in shaping the School Improvement Plan and delivering on its goals, especially during periods of staff turnover.
  •  We offer each classroom teacher a designated representative for added support and PPG liaison.
  • We look for ways to connect our school with wider community life.


Why do we do it?

  • Fundraising! We raise funds in creative ways that are used to meet specific targets and deliver tangible benefits. “The Hut” is a great example of effective fundraising and parental involvement. The PPG works with parents and staff to plan and fund other long-range improvements to the school grounds, including the renovation of the bike store and the creation of an all-weather sports surface.
  • The PPG provides an annual cash grant to the Head Teacher that makes possible many ‘extras’: visits to the school by Zoo Lab, the Panto, music groups; helping fund the P7 trip and leaver’s event; purchase of special equipment such as iPads. Our grant also means that all school trips (skiing, sports team excursions etc.) are subsidised to ease the concern of affordability for families.
  • Friendship and the feel-good factor! It is tremendously satisfying to join others in celebrating key successes and hosting great family events, and to see the positive impact this has on the whole school community. You can discover how rewarding it is to be an active partner of The Royal School of Dunkeld.  The PPG is your key to getting involved and making a real difference. Join us!


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